Crowdfunding Focus Magazine

This is the world‘s first online interactive magazine containing expert opinions from around the globe on the subject of crowdfunding.

It is available now in both in the Apple App and Google Play store for download and has versions for easy reading on both the tablet and mobile devices.

There are several free issues to check out filled with lots of information covering a full range crowdfunding topics.

Download your future or back issues now from the Apple App or Google Play store.


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Crowdfunding Mastery Academy

Recently launched with our first course – the Crowdfunding Launch Lab (4 week online course). Details below.

Membership website with tons of courses and resources coming soon.

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Crowdfunding Playbook

This is a new website and app that you can access and download for free.

It provides you with regular updated posts containing insights, resources and tools that you can use to run and manage your crowdfunding campaign.

There are over 200 tools that have been collated over the years that have used by creators to run their campaigns.

Visit our new website Crowdfunding Playbook or Download the Crowdfunding Playbook app today.


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Crowdfunding Launch Lab – Online Workshops

These online workshops run for 4 weeks via live webinars where each participant gets to experience structured content based around a crowdfunding launch strategy. This course covers what success factors you need to put in place to run a successful campaign.

Participants also have the opportunity to ask questions live and have access to replays and additional resource material via a dedicated membership website and focus group.

This course is for business start-ups, existing businesses and non-profit organisations, – anyone who has made a commitment to run a crowdfunding campaign and requires a strategy to guide them towards success.

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Crowdfunding Workshops – Offline Workshops

We have conducted over 70 crowdfunding workshops across the UK helping hundreds of people understand what crowdfunding is all about and how to run a successful campaign.

These comprise of full day and half day workshops and can be tailored to any organisations needs.

Contact us here if you wish to organise a workshop for your business or organisation.

Check out our crowdfunding workshop schedule.

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Quick Start Video Guide

Over the years we get questions about crowdfunding that come up often. To answer these we have created 11 short videos answering these questions.

It will be good for your team members to view these videos as well.

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One on One consultations

There are opportunities for you to get one on one help with your crowdfunding campaign.

I (Anthony) have helped hundreds of project creators understand the necessary success factors that must be in place BEFORE your launch your campaign.

More importantly I help with strategy, guidelines, tools and tips for you and your team on best practice.

This is normally done via Skype where I provide a framework and training on any of the aspects you require help with.

Please book a session with Anthony at the link below:

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Crowdfunding Podcast

Here you will be able to listen to interviews from a wide range of people from those who have completed successful campaigns to what investors look for in a product or service.

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Crowdfunding Focus is independent and does not represent nor have any affiliation to other businesses in the crowdfunding space.