Crowdfunding Podcast

Crowdfunding Playbook Podcast

Do you want to hear from project creators about their crowdfunding successes and disappointments?

We are currently interviewing a wide range of people with experience in the crowdfunding industry. You will learn a lot from their experiences.

There is nothing better than hearing from the people who have actually been there. There will be many nuggets of information that could use that could make or break your crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding Playbook Podcast


Podcast Interview 1:

The first interview below is with Andreas Müller who successful raised funds to develop a new website and mobile app for his readers. He achieved 170% of his funding goal.



Andreas Müller

Andreas Mueller


Podcast Interview 2:

The second interview is with Ben Adam Smith who ran a successful crowdfunding campaign raising funds for his documentary film on energy efficiency.


Ben Adam Smith

Ben Adam-Smith

House Planning Help

Podcast Interview 3:

The third interview is with videographer Adam Laurie. Here we discuss the ins and outs of a crowdfunding video. Adam shares his experience on how his last crowdfunding video went viral with over a million views raising over a million dollars.

Adam Laurie

Adam Laurie Videographer

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