Below you will find comments by people who have worked with Anthony Lovell de Souza

Wiltshire, UK

"Anthony’s coaching and support was invaluable throughout the process. His knowledge of all aspects of crowdfunding is truly exceptional and that, coupled with his experience and in-depth understanding of social media marketing and "building a crowd” makes him the perfect person to work for anyone embarking on a crowdfunding project."

Diana Murphy
Gluten Free Centre


“I think about myself as a pretty conservative web-user. In the beginning I was pretty sceptical about the success of a crowdfunding campaign. I already had a donation-button on my site but it did not really pay my work and project. So I simply could not imagine, why a crowd funding campaign would and could change that. When I met with Anthony he told me many things about crowd funding I did not know before and convinced me to give it a try. I decided to simply follow all of his advice. At the end I got 170 percent above my aimed target…”

Andreas Müller


“Anthony took the time to look over my crowdfunding application and was very helpful in identifying some weak points and directions to take. He shared his advice and expertise in the subject and helped me come out with a clearer vision and gave me constructive feedback. I really recommend a call with Anthony when you are in the early stages of planning your crowdfunding campaign. Thanks Anthony!”

Amanda Barnes
Around the World in 80 Harvests

Wiltshire, UK

"Anthony is the most informed person I know about Crowdfunding. His online and in person workshops are really helpful. Crowdfunding options are plentiful, yet Anthony can suggest which ones are best for your own project which saves hours of research. Access to his personal Crowdfunding Launch Lab with so many links and resources is invaluable"

Elaine Godley
Health Watchers UK

Vermont, USA

"Anthony has put together an amazingly informative workshop. I now feel confident that I will have a successful campaign for my fitness invention."

Rollin Rachele

Bristol, UK

"I went into Anthony's crowdfunding course curious and left an enthusiast. The training certainly delivered what it promised in terms of content, but gave so much more. I'm not just referring to books, magazines, podcasts etc, but also about the tried and tested Apps he referenced that make developing your crowd so much slicker. I can see so many applications for what I learnt in a few hours. Crowdfunding is not just about the money, it is an exciting way to deepen relationships with stakeholders. This is the course that keeps on giving and I continue to appreciate Anthony's generosity. "

Melita Armitage
Independent cultural policy and research consultant

New York, USA

"Anthony is very experienced in the domain of crowd funding and he has insights into various aspects of a crowd funding campaign, from the motivations of the givers, to the details of the planning, to the tremendous brand awareness you can gain through a successful campaign. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to learn more about crowd funding, and especially to anyone who wants to start a crowd funding campaign. "

Fari Liang

West Berkshire, UK

Comments from workshop participants:

"I feel I have the tools to enable us to attempt to set up a project using crowdfunding"

"Great idea and would really help with funding, hopefully something we will do in the future"

"Crowdfunding could have lots of potential for our organisation"

"Really interesting, could have devoted the whole session to crowdfunding"

Empowering West Berkshire
Promoting and supporting the voluntary community sector

West Wiltshire, UK

"Fantastic course from a guy who clearly eats, sleeps and breathes crowdfunding!"

Arlen Ray
Fashion Clothing